Decorating the nursery


The baby is now  on the way, and there are  many thing to plan before the arrival of our little new member to our family.  One of the most exciting tasks is to design  the nursery for the new arrival. Decorating the nursery it is a lot of fun and has to be planned in a way that will be functional  and beautiful according to our taste, budget  and style we have chosen for  the baby's first room.  As this is a  broad subject, this post will be divided into sections on different weeks  to address the different areas  of the baby's room. As a designer, one of the things I enjoy the most is decorating and this is a subject  I really love!

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There are so many cribs styles on the market place, from very elaborate designs cribs to a simple  straight lines, they can be made out of wood , metal or  acrylic. All depends on the style and budget  you have in mind.  One of the cribs I really believe is a great option if you are on a budget or if you are expecting your second  or third baby and have 2 babies sleeping  in a crib , a good option are the ones that convert into a toddler bed or a full size bed. They are great!  that crib will be use many years ahead.



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Iron Cribs.

I love Iron cribs. As a designer of baby traditional clothes, I love the nostalgic look of the iron cribs.  However, as much as I love the real antique iron cribs I would never select an old crib for my baby. Years ago there were not safety regulations for baby furniture, and Iron cribs were painted with lead paint. In an Antique shop, you can find beautiful  one of a kind  iron cribs. This antique cribs  have been re painted with paint that does not contain lead, however on corners of the cribs still could have little spots with the original paint , babies  tend to poke the rails and corners, he could swallow a chip that may contain lead .The lead chip  can lead to brain damage. If you love this look, I would suggest to buy a brand new crib that meet the US Consumer Safety Commission.( CPSC).

Wooden Cribs.

On wooden cribs the selection is extensive , You can find crib designs  from simple lines to a carve,  ornate , oval, round, dark wood or  painted  white or even in colors . I particular like the white cribs, I think they go with everything and make the baby room visually lighter. In the market place there are so many styles and prices to chose  from, we can buy a very stylist wood crib or a simple one. I really believe if you are on a budget, you can get a very simple inexpensive crib that still would look very nice.

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 Acrylic cribs.

If your style is modern and glamorous , at the same time you  like modern straight lines, acrylic cribs are a great option. One of the choices you might find is a transparent crib. The big feature is you can see your baby from any angle of the room . They are not inexpensive, they start on the mid  $600.00 and they go to almost $4,000.00  as the one Kanye West and Kim Kardashian bought for their baby. Another celebrity who chose this style of crib  for their baby was Beyonce and Jay-Z . 

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Honey: we are having a baby!

 The moment we come to our husband  with the news a baby is coming and we are becoming a family, it is one of the greatest moments on a couples life.

Our life as future mother starts changing immediately. We need to learn what to expect those 9 months of pregnancy and the best way to do it is buying a book with all the information about pregnancy and parenting.

 I have posted some of my favorite books on pregnancy and parenting.  I have also included a book for the future dad. It is important he gets exited and learn about the changes you as a couple can expect with the new member on the family and get him involved and share every step of the way of this amazing experience that is becoming a parent.

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Baby Talk!

I had my children years ago, now I am a grandmother, however being on the business of baby clothes I have to  research the statistics  of an average of a newborn baby.

Height & Weight

Studies have shown the difference in weight between boys and girls can be explained by the difference in their length. The average length of a full term baby is between 18 and 22 inches, often expressed as 20 inches. Being longer or shorter than the average is not necessarily an issue; it can be due to the parents’ height. However, it can be critical for a premature baby.

The average weight for a full term baby is 7.7 pounds; the average weight of a baby born 2 weeks premature is almost a full pound less.


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Variations by Weight

Extremely premature babies (up to 4.4 pounds) show an almost even distribution between boys and girls. From 4.4 pounds to the average of 7.7 pounds, there’s slightly more girls than boys being born. Interestingly, for larger than average babies (8.8 pounds and above), there are almost twice as many boys as girls being born.

What this means is that in the three year period between 2011 and 2013, there were 48 more boys per 1000 girls being born. While at first glance it may not seem like a big difference, August 2011 had 360,000 births. This translates to 17,400 more boys being born in only that month.

Causes of Large Babies

There are many factors that can cause a baby to be large (which is considered to be over 9 pounds), including ethnicity, obesity, and going past your due date. As stated earlier, sex of the baby is also a contributing factor (the larger babies are more often boys). However, the most common factors are genetics and diabetes, as well as gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that may develop during pregnancy. If it goes undiagnosed or untreated, it can lead to a large baby. Even if you have the above risk factors, you are more likely than not to have a baby of average size at birth.

Data used can be found on the United Nations Data Retrieval System and the National Center for Health Statistics, CDC.

Maria Marcus is President of Little Threads, Inc.

Already January 11 2016!

I can't believe we are already in the second week of January! Our first week of work has been incredibly busy. As we approach a new season (Spring 2016), we have been updating our online store with new merchandise to welcome the season, including beautiful baby gift sets that are just precious to welcome a friend's baby.

Making the gift boxes has been a lot of fun, every piece is so special... from the quality of the material (Pima cotton) to the smocking on the garment. The little bunny, for example is hand embroidered with many little stitches called french knots to create the character and the carrots made with a bullion stitch.

It is so rewarding to see the transformation from an idea on a piece of paper to the final product. I think that is one of the moments I really love being a designer.

As I said on one of my prior blogs, on my first visit to Peru, I fell in love with Pima cotton. As a designer of fine children's clothing, one of the things I strive for is bringing beautiful designs to life on the best materials I can find. Being in the country which is known for the quality of the materials and workmanship, I had no doubt we had found the place to manufacture our line.

bunny box.jpg

Our line is completely made from Pima cotton. This is a material that is produced primarily in Peru.

Pima cotton is the finest cotton in the world. The distinguishing characteristic is that it has long threads, making the yarn soft

Another Year

As the year comes to and end, I like to look back and take inventory of the projects we accomplished, and those we could not. This past year has been a year full of challenges and rewards.

I am a big dreamer, always planning  the year with big projects. With hard work , we were able to accomplish most of the goals we had set for 2015. We were able to reach a new market (Europe) and we found a sales rep in the UK. We  also were able to find  a sales rep in New England, both of our new reps are  very excited to start working the line this coming January and finally, we were able to open our online store at the end of October.

One of the biggest challenges (and accomplishments)  has been to find the right people to join our team. It has been a very busy year and I am very grateful for all the hard work and effort  our team put in this year. Everyone played a role  on reaching our goals come to fruition on the timeline we had set. Looking back, 2015 has been a good year, and it has set the foundation for an even better 2016. 

We are two days away from the end of 2015 and we are still very busy at the office, getting ready to start a new season. I would also like to thank also our reps around the country who sell  our line to the retail stores  and have helped us build a name brand. We could not have done this without them.

In the meantime, my team and I wish you a Happy New Year!















Our Office Holiday Party!

Christmas is almost here and everybody in our office is ready for a well deserved brake! 

This year, our holiday party was celebrated at Maggianos restaurant. As I mentioned before, I am very grateful to have a dedicated team, we work very close together to make everything happen behind the scene. A manufacturing company  is not an easy business, It feels that are a million  components and work to be done before one style  is presented on the trade shows to be sold later at a store. We are constantly working against the clock, but our team is very professional  and together we bring the final product to please the consumer.

Our party was great, we had a wonderful evening , we spent more than four hours celebrating on the restaurant, everybody were enjoying  themselves . I was very pleased to see everybody happy and ready to have a break and ready to  enjoy Christmas. 

To finalize this post, I want to thank our team for the hard work and cooperation during 2015 and wish all of them a Merry Christmas!








Let's Celebrate the Christmas Season!

Christmas is around the corner and our home is all decorated for the Holidays. I love coming home after a day at the office, opening the door and seeing all the Christmas decorations. Most of them bring back so many memories. I am a romantic at heart and remember the date and year we bought or received many of the ornaments of our Christmas tree.


We celebrate the holidays and gathering with family and friends. I love to entertain and enjoy planning the holiday party every year. I start looking through collections of Christmas magazines I have saved over the years. Some of my favorites magazines are Traditional Home, Veranda and Victoria Magazine I spend a full Sunday afternoon, looking for ideas from the magazines , listening to my favorite Christmas CD by Kenny Loggins, and planning the menu for that special night.

We have also planned our office Holiday party that is this coming Friday; we are celebrating in an Italian restaurant... I am very grateful for the team we have.! Our office is not big, we are a small business with big ideas and big dreams.
Stay tuned for the next blog, I will be sharing our office Holiday party!



The festival of lights: Hanukkah!

  I am  Christian married  to a Jewish man. Throughout our entire marriage, we have been celebrating both of our holidays, which we have approached with an open mind and has enriched our lives.

On Sunday 6th of December started the Festival of Lights:  Hanukkah (every year Hanukkah is on a different date). Jews celebrate this holiday lighting a candle every night on a Hanukkah candelabra called Menorah for eight days. The children receive a little present every night and some families celebrate more than one night with special food made for the occasion: Latkes (shredded potatoes pan cakes) and Sufgies (jam filled doughnuts  dusted with powdered sugar) are the staple of Hanukkah

Our Hanukkah celebration at  home will be this coming Saturday. (My husband is out of town this week) However I brought to my mother home the other night a Matzo ball soup,  roasted chicken and latkes, and   to have a mini celebration and for her to learn a little of this beautiful Holiday. It was a nice time with my mother to experience something foreigner for her.





The Holiday season is a great source of inspiration... I am at the end of designing Fall-winter 2016 collection (yes! I am almost done!). That's right, we design a year in advance.

As a designer of children's clothing I have learned to be aware of my surroundings, finding elements  from every season to create stories for our collection. Wherever I go, I feel inspired by this beautiful time of the year. The ideas just flow and it has been fun to design another collection . Hopefully young mothers will be happy to dress their newborn babies with a footie or a day gown for their baby's first Christmas or Hanukkah in 2016.

Designing children's clothing has been my passion for so many years...Every season I have enjoyed the process of product development, from the moment a design element catches my eye, to sketching on a piece of paper to my creation coming in as a finished product. As a designer, that is the moment I enjoy the most. 

Holiday Season!

I have the intention to post a blog before Thanksgiving, ... Some how the time just flew and I never got to write this post to wish all of you: " Happy Thanksgiving day"

This past  holiday week, we spent Thanksgiving in  North Carolina with  my daughter, her husband and their children.. It was wonderful to be with them celebrating such a great holiday, where we remember  how grateful we are for all we have and specially to be part of this wonderful country. 

Being in North Carolina, in spite that the weather was a little  warm for this time of the year, still gave me sense of the change of seasons. The scenery was magnificent , it was not the the pick of the foliage season, but it was jut beautiful! the air  was crisp and the sky was blue. Just perfect to start the Holiday season!


Baby Alpacas

I was searching for new ideas and took several trips to various regions in Perú. I was looking for the best materials and also seeking for quality of the and the workmanship of the manufacturing of the garments.

During one of these trips in 2010 I was in the Andes Mountains and came across these beautiful animals called baby alpacas. I learned their fibers (after shearing the animal) are then spun into yarns  and are very silky and warmer than wool and cashmere. The yarn is also lightweight and hypoallergenic, not itchy to the skin, and can be washed by hand and laid flat to dryfor easy care.

On the same trip, I went to the " Sacred Valley" in Peru. I learned how the yarns of baby Alpaca has been dyed, not using chemicals, they only use plants. During my trip, I saw the native women walking and at the same time spooling the baby alpaca fibers to create the yarn. I was fascinated and could not wait to find a resource who could develop my ideas to compliment our Pima cotton layette by offering the warm, cozy and well-designed garment to take out the baby in cooler temperatures.


Pictures from Native

On 2012, my daughter Lizzy was expecting her second child, Vivienne; who has been a wonderful source of inspiration (see picture below).  When she was born, my daughter introduced me to the knitting world and together we explored the possibilities of comfort and durability of the baby alpaca fibers. I was introduced to a new world of "knits." 

I started to learn about yarns and patterns, using different colors not only the typical baby pink and baby blue.  I wanted to design footies and rompers with attention to detail, complementing every piece with booties, a hat and a blanket. The day I saw Vivienne dressed with one of our baby alpaca creations, I knew we had achieved the look and comfort we were searching for.

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