Baby Alpacas

I was searching for new ideas and took several trips to various regions in Perú. I was looking for the best materials and also seeking for quality of the and the workmanship of the manufacturing of the garments.

During one of these trips in 2010 I was in the Andes Mountains and came across these beautiful animals called baby alpacas. I learned their fibers (after shearing the animal) are then spun into yarns  and are very silky and warmer than wool and cashmere. The yarn is also lightweight and hypoallergenic, not itchy to the skin, and can be washed by hand and laid flat to dryfor easy care.

On the same trip, I went to the " Sacred Valley" in Peru. I learned how the yarns of baby Alpaca has been dyed, not using chemicals, they only use plants. During my trip, I saw the native women walking and at the same time spooling the baby alpaca fibers to create the yarn. I was fascinated and could not wait to find a resource who could develop my ideas to compliment our Pima cotton layette by offering the warm, cozy and well-designed garment to take out the baby in cooler temperatures.


Pictures from Native

On 2012, my daughter Lizzy was expecting her second child, Vivienne; who has been a wonderful source of inspiration (see picture below).  When she was born, my daughter introduced me to the knitting world and together we explored the possibilities of comfort and durability of the baby alpaca fibers. I was introduced to a new world of "knits." 

I started to learn about yarns and patterns, using different colors not only the typical baby pink and baby blue.  I wanted to design footies and rompers with attention to detail, complementing every piece with booties, a hat and a blanket. The day I saw Vivienne dressed with one of our baby alpaca creations, I knew we had achieved the look and comfort we were searching for.

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