The Holiday season is a great source of inspiration... I am at the end of designing Fall-winter 2016 collection (yes! I am almost done!). That's right, we design a year in advance.

As a designer of children's clothing I have learned to be aware of my surroundings, finding elements  from every season to create stories for our collection. Wherever I go, I feel inspired by this beautiful time of the year. The ideas just flow and it has been fun to design another collection . Hopefully young mothers will be happy to dress their newborn babies with a footie or a day gown for their baby's first Christmas or Hanukkah in 2016.

Designing children's clothing has been my passion for so many years...Every season I have enjoyed the process of product development, from the moment a design element catches my eye, to sketching on a piece of paper to my creation coming in as a finished product. As a designer, that is the moment I enjoy the most.