The festival of lights: Hanukkah!

  I am  Christian married  to a Jewish man. Throughout our entire marriage, we have been celebrating both of our holidays, which we have approached with an open mind and has enriched our lives.

On Sunday 6th of December started the Festival of Lights:  Hanukkah (every year Hanukkah is on a different date). Jews celebrate this holiday lighting a candle every night on a Hanukkah candelabra called Menorah for eight days. The children receive a little present every night and some families celebrate more than one night with special food made for the occasion: Latkes (shredded potatoes pan cakes) and Sufgies (jam filled doughnuts  dusted with powdered sugar) are the staple of Hanukkah

Our Hanukkah celebration at  home will be this coming Saturday. (My husband is out of town this week) However I brought to my mother home the other night a Matzo ball soup,  roasted chicken and latkes, and   to have a mini celebration and for her to learn a little of this beautiful Holiday. It was a nice time with my mother to experience something foreigner for her.