How To Wash Baby Threads Layettes:

Machine or hand wash with warm or cold water and with similar colors. No bleach, air dry, or tumble dry; low setting on dryer. Warm iron if needed.

Babies are delicate and it is advisable to wash their clothes separately from the rest of the family clothing to help prevent the spread of bacteria. The baby clothes should be washed daily for in order to have a plentiful supply of layettes, as they dirty their clothes more often than older family members. By washing often you help to keep the dirt and stains from setting, which would make them difficult to remove. It may be advisable to use gentle detergent due to the baby’s sensitive skin, especially if they are developing rashes. The chemicals in regular detergent are often too harsh for their skin and can cause irritations. In addition, it is best to remove all stains prior to drying in a dryer, as the heat sets the stains and makes future stain removal difficult.